Soo Line Railroad Company
System Timetable #3,
Effective 3:01AM Sunday, April 5, 1987
System Timetable #3 reflects the new operating realities of the post-Milwaukee Road Soo Line. The lower density (mostly ex-Wisconsin Central, also some ex-MStP&SSM and ex-DSS&A) lines in Wisconsin and Michigan had been spun into a new "in-house regional", the Lake States Division, which became Wisconsin Central Ltd. in late 1987. For the most part, lines west of the Twin Cities remained unchanged at this time. Operations east and south of the Twin Cities, however, were now on ex-MILW lines, as reflected here. Also included (after the timetable proper) are timetables covering large segments of trackage rights the Soo used to connect with the Latta Sub, trackage rights for operation into Duluth (some inherited from the Milwaukee Road), and trackage rights for connection with parent Canadian Pacific at Detroit.

Portal Sub
Carrington Sub
Elbow Lake Sub
Noyes and Detroit Lakes Subs
Detroit Lakes Sub Special Instructions, Missouri River Sub
New Town, Veblen and Pollock Subs
Wishek Sub
Devils Lake Sub
Bisbee Sub
Whitetail and Bemidji Subs
Related: Burlington Northern, Dakota Division, 23rd Sub (Lignite Jct-Crosby)
BN, Wisconsin Division, 5th and 7th Subs (Bemidji-Superior)
Bemidji Sub Special Instructions, Jackson Sub
Related: Chicago & North Western, Central Division, Fairmont Sub (Fairmont-Welcome)
Mason City Sub
Austin Sub
Related: CNW, Central Division, Owatonna Sub and Roseport Sub (St. Paul Jct-Chestnut St)
Brooten Sub
St. Paul and Bayport Subs
Related: CNW, Central Division, Stillwater and Eau Claire Subs (Bayport line)
Paynesville Sub
Paynesville Sub Special Instructions, Northfield Sub
Northfield Sub Special Instructions
Ortonville Sub
Related: BN, Minnesota Division, 15th Sub (Stateline-Milbank)
Merriam Park Sub 1, 2, 3
Related: CNW, Central Division, Merriam Sub (Hopkins-Shakopee)
Joint Line Sub
Related: BN, Minnesota Division, 1st Sub (Joint Line)
River Sub 1, 2
Tomah Sub
Tomah Sub Special Instructions, M&P Sub
Watertown Sub 1, 2
Waterloo Sub
C&M Sub 1, 2, 3
Related: CNW, Eastern Division, New Line Sub (Tower B17-Shermer)
Fox Lake Sub 1, 2
Elgin Sub 1, 2, 3, 4
Elgin Sub concluded, D&I Sub
Janesville & Davenport Subs
Related: BN, Chicago Division, 8th Sub (Davis Jct-Rockford)
Davenport Sub Special Instructions
Davenport Sub concluded, Eldridge Sub, Nitrin Sub
Nitrin Sub Special Instructions, Kansas City Sub
Kansas City Sub Special Instructions, Dubuque Sub
Latta Sub 1, 2; Accessed via trackage rights (see below)
Special Instructions 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12
Company Physicians 1-2-3-4
Hazardous Materials Special Instructions 1-2-3-4-5-6-7
Blank Train Order Form
Blank Track Warrant
Multi-Channel Radio Instructions
Back Cover

Trackage Rights Arrangements

Operated via Indiana Harbor Belt, Conrail and CSX trackage rights
IHB, Main Line (Franklin Park-Blue Island)
CSX, Chicago Division, Main Line Sub (Blue Island, IL-Pine Jct, IN)
Conrail, Dearborn Division, Chicago Line (Pine Jct-Porter, IN)
CSX, Detroit Division: Chicago Sub, Grand Rapids Terminal Sub, Plymouth Sub, Detroit Sub (Porter, IN-Delray Interlocking, Detroit, MI)
Conrail, Dearborn Division, Detroit Line (Delray-West Detroit)
Canadian Pacific/CP Rail beyond to Detroit/Windsor Tunnel, Toronto, Montreal

Operated via Burlington Northern trackage rights
Minnesota Division, 1st Sub (35th Ave-Coon Creek)
Wisconsin Division, 1st Sub (Coon Creek-Boylston) and 5th Sub (Boylston-Duluth/Superior)

Chicago-Terre Haute, IN
Operated via IHB and Conrail trackage rights, 1985-1990:
IHB, Main Line (Franklin Park, IL-Gibson, IN)
Conrail, Dearborn Division, Kankakee Secondary and Danville Secondary (Gibson, IN-Danville, IL)
Conrail, Indianapolis Division, Danville Secondary and St. Louis Line (Danville, IL-Terre Haute, IN)

Operated via IHB, Union Pacific and CSX trackage rights after 1990:
IHB, Main Line (Franklin Park-Dolton, IL)
Union Pacific, St. Louis Division, Chicago Sub (Dolton-Woodland Jct, IL)
CSX, Chicago Division, CE&D Sub (Woodland Jct, IL-Spring Hill, IN)

Bedford, IN-Louisville, KY
Operated via CSX and Norfolk Southern trackage rights 1985+
CSX, Chicago Division, Monon Sub (Bedford-Vernia, IN)
Norfolk Southern, Kentucky Division, Princeton and Louisville Sub (K&I Jct, IN-Louisville, KY)