Preserved Soo Line Steam Locomotives

Soo Line, of course, was never a big road, and yet Soo is regarded as one of the greatest donors of steam locomotives in the industry, donating 19 steamers to lineside towns, three of which operate again.  Below I have compiled a list of what I know concerning the surviving steamers. Some interesting information as to why these type of locomotives, not the 4-8-2 and 4-8-4 types, was preserved can be found in the Summer 2002 issue of the Soo, the magazine of the Soo Line Historical and Technical Society.


Type & Class




2-8-2 Mikado L-1

Wisconsin Automotive Museum, Hartford, WI

Operating, originally displayed at Superior, WI.  Restored by Wisconsin Railway Preservation Trust, now owned & operated by private owners in Wisconsin.


4-6-2 Pacific H-23

Lake Superior Railroad Museum, Duluth, MN

Operating, original display at Carson Park, Eau Claire, WI.  Last operating Soo steamer; retired 1959.  Restored and owned/operated by Locomotive & Tower Preservation Fund. Currently housed at Lake Superior Railroad Museum, Duluth, MN.



0-6-0 Switcher B

Pincecrest Historical Village,

Manitowoc, WI

Former Shoreham Shops switcher X-90, no longer appears as a 0-6-0T but has been restored to look like the 321, and has a tender (presumably not a Soo tender?).  Soo herald on tender, but locomotive painted in a way that does NOT look like a Soo paint scheme (i.e., green domes).  At one point was sublettered MLS&W (Milwaukee, Lake Shore & Western) on the cab sides.


0-6-0 Switcher B-4

Wheels Across the Prairie Museum, Tracy, MN

Painted DM&E, otherwise in good shape. Renumbered 9 on the front number plate, no number on cab sides.


0-6-0 Switcher B-4

Western Minnesota Steam Thresher's Reunion, Rollag, MN

 WMSTR website shows the engine is operable, powering trains at their annual event. And, contrary to prior evidence, is still numbered 353. However, no longer painted Soo Line.


2-8-0 Consolidation F-8

Harvey, ND

Located near Soo Line depot.


2-8-0 Consolidation F-9

New Town, ND

Located near Community Hall.


4-6-2 Pacific H-3

Gladstone, MI

Located at Soo Line yards, along Highway 2. Covered by shed.


4-6-2 Pacific H-3

Minot, ND

Locomotive is in Roosevelt Park.  Located at Business US 2 and 13th St SE, near entrance to park.


4-6-2 Pacific H-3

Appleton, WI

Locomotive is in Telulah City Park.  Reported to be in deteriorating condition by Mr. Daniel Paul of Appleton.  Recent photos, however, show the engine is in good condition…


2-10-0 Decapod

Ashland, WI 

World's largest locomotive when built 1900, originally #600 classed F, re-classed G, re-numbered 950.  Located in front of Depot Restaurant (ex-WC/NP station).


2-8-2 Mikado L-2

Ladysmith, WI

Has a Milwaukee Road headlight. Located along Highway 8 near hardware store. Note that Soo Line FP7 500 and three Soo Line passenger cars are located nearby at the tourist information center (whose building looks suspiciously like a Soo Line station!).


2-8-2 Mikado L-4

Thief River Falls, MN

Purchased used from Monon Ry. 1941-42.  At Soo Line station (now in use as a civic building).


2-8-0 Consoldation F-21 

Iron Horse Central RR Museum,

Chisago Lakes, MN

Originally donated to Enderlin, ND.  Museum reportedly plans to restore locomotive (cosmetically or to operation?). 


2-8-0 Consoldation F-22  

Marshfield, WI 

Located in Wildwood Park.


 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler E-25

 Mid-Continent Railway Museum, North Freedom, WI

Originally in Waukesha, WI; to Mid-Continent 1988. Has been cosmetically restored.  Lower sides of tender deteriorated.


 4-6-2 Pacific H-21

Stevens Point, WI 

Located in Depot Park.  Some parts donated to Soo Line 2719 following 2719's wreck in May 1999.


4-6-2 Pacific H-22 

Fond du Lac, WI 

No information available.


4-6-2 Pacific H-23 

 National Railroad Museum, Green Bay, WI

Located outside, partially sheltered. Missing headlight lenses and number plate (presumably removed to prevent vandalism, as with other display units), and missing "Soo Line" herald on tender as well as "2718" on cab sides. Condition fair, some perforation on cylinder jackets.