For More Information About the Soo Line...

In the past, I have answered questions from Soo Line fans, across the United States and the globe, myself. However, with the many things which busy my life on a daily basis, I am no longer able to do this. Therefore, if you have any questions or need more information about the Soo Line Railroad (other than what I have here), I advise you to contact the Soo Line Historical and Technical Society. I'm listing appropriate contact information here for your convenience. Thanks for understanding.

--Paul Nadolski

Recommended Soo Line Books:

Steam Trains of the Soo, by Leslie V. Suprey. Published 1962 (First Edition, there have been many others).
Memories, for Love of a Railroad by the Soo Line RR & Soo Line Historical and Technical Society. Published 1983.
The Little Jewel, by Wallace W. Abbey. Published 1984.
The Soo Line, by Patrick Dorin. Published 1979.
Saga of the Soo, West from Shoreham, by John Gjevre. Published 1973, Second Edition 1990.
Three Generations West, Saga of the Soo Volume II, by John Gjevre. Published 1996.
Saga of the Soo Volume III: East, West and to the North, by John Gjevre. Published 2006.
Soo Line In Color, by Robert J. Wise. Published 1997.
Soo Line 1993 Review, by Fred Hyde. Published 1993.
There are several others out there; these are just the ones I've had the privilege to read.

Dale Jones has published an excellent photographic overview of the Soo Line's Whitetail line in Montana. It is out of print but available for viewing online by clicking here.

NOTE: Older books are much, much harder to find, and are often only available at a very high price. I know from personal experiences. I've seen The Soo Line at no less than $75 and Steam Trains of the Soo at no less than $100 for a first edition.