Soo Line Depot Photos
Photography by Dave Seidel
Dave, a friend of mine from Nebraska, has taken many trips all over Soo Line Land, and among the subjects he has photographed are Soo depots.  In fact, he has shot so many that there are three pages to this gallery.  Enjoy these looks from all over Soo Line country!

Board protecting Soo-GN Crossing at Devil's Lake, ND.  1989 Photo.

Soo Line Depot, Ashland, WI.  September 5, 1993.

Soo Line Depot, Chippewa Falls, WI.  July 2, 1977.

Soo Line Depot, Colby, WI.  July 2, 1977.

Soo Line Depot, Devil's Lake, ND.  June 28, 1997.

Soo Line Depot, Glenwood, MN.  March 31, 1979.

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