Soo 6609 West, Buffalo, MN

CP train #575 is being led out of the siding at Buffalo, after meeting an eastbound.  Today's #575 has more than enough horsepower on this August, 1997 day.  Soo 6609, HATX 513, NS 3172, CP 5902, and Soo 4428 will easily get this westbound, mostly consisting of empties, over the road.  Traffic has increased a great deal on the old Soo between the Twin Cities and Glenwood the past few years.  The CP has realized that the Soo's old sidings are not sufficient for the Paynesville Subdivision traffic of the late 1990s.  New sidings have been constructed up and down the line to accomodate the increased traffic.  Not many meets take place in Buffalo in 1998 because of the new Dickinson Siding, which was built just east of town.  Meets at Buffalo required crossings to be cut, while trains can sit at Dickinson, without blocking crossings.