Railroad Depot Photos

On the upper floor of Soo Line's standard second-class depots was a spacious area for the agent's family to live. I should say "spacious" by 1900 standards, to most people with modern houses, this would be a very tight fit for their families. The living quarters included a parlor, dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms, but not indoor bathrooms--recall that, in the early 1900s, most people still had outhouses in rural communities. Soo Line built these depots with living quarters to attract more stable agents with families, and since rural areas weren't likely to have apartments or a lot of other available houses, the built-in living quarters would indeed have been attractive. While several Soo depots still exist, to my knowledge this depot is the only one preserved and restored to an in-use condition--and it is so far the only Soo second-class depot I have ever been able to visit. I personally recommend a visit to all Soo Line fans.